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The Trouvères is a high energy performance troupe which combines an audience-interactive show with songs, music, and plenty of audience participation! Celtic, Traditional, Ren Fest, Mid-Eastern, and other styles are blended with innovative instrumentation and powerful vocals to create a unique music and performance experience that will appeal to all ages. We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our website.

We look forward to meeting you soon at one of our shows!

Who were the historical Trouvères?

The Trouvères of medieval northern France represented refined and ennobling aristocratic music making and poetry. They flourished between approximately 1100 and 1300. They were either poets and composers who were supported by the aristocracy or, just as often, were aristocrats themselves, for whom the creation and performance of music was part of the courtly tradition. Their works were created to inspire the nobility to do 'great things and be great'. Among their number we can count kings (for example Richard Coeur de Lion), queens, and all manner of nobility.

Boundaries between aristocratic and popular sources, borrowed and indigenous, new and old, sacred and secular were crossed and re-crossed with apparent abandon. Women were also newly given a voice. The monophonic melodies of these itinerant musicians, to which may have been added improvised accompaniments, were often rhythmically lively. The subject of the overwhelming majority of these songs is love, in all its permutations of joy and pain.

One of the more important musical constructs that were created by the Trouvères was the Chanson de Geste. The "Song of Roland" is one of the finer surviving examples of this genre.

    The Troupe Lineup

  • Michael Flute, Whistle, Harmonium, Backing Vocals

  • Grace Lead Vocals, Hand Percussion, Guitar

  • krishLead and Rhythm 6 & 12 String Guitars, harp guitar, Backing Vocals

  • DAVIDLead and Rhythm 6 & 12 String Guitars, Mandolin, bouzouiki, Lead Vocals

  • Samantha violin

  • cathalLead and Rhythm 12 String Guitars, Backing Vocals

  • Roger All Manner of Percussion, Backing Vocals

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